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Aug, 2016

Up For A New Job?

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A career change is not necessarily a negative event. A friend recently lost her job. She was devastated at the time as she envisioned this was her life long career and had no plans to leave the company. What she hadn’t realized is that other companies had heard of her great work. As soon as they heard she was available, the calls streamed in. She secured an even better job. This exercise actually gave her a sense of value for who she is and turned out to be a branding exercise for her.

Often we don’t know our value, as we have no reference to benchmark against. Most employees I know are unaware of their brand; an exercise to find out the true value of who they are so that they can actively manage their career development path.

Whatever made sense for us when we started twenty years ago may not necessarily be what is meaningful for us now, taking into consideration all circumstances surrounding our present lives.

Here are some steps to help you move towards your personal brand:


Values, Career Change

Elicit Values

Understand what’s important to you at this stage in your life.
Our values migrate in different phases hence we place different priorities on them.

Understand Beliefs, Career Change

Understand Beliefs

Ask yourself what your beliefs are about moving jobs. Are they positive or negative?
What are you deriving from staying or going? Fill out the sentence “I believe I …..”

Step Back, Career Change

Step Back

Pause and evaluate where you are. Become aware of the roles that excite you and drain you.
Take a spectator view of your career. What would you really like to do?

Emotion, Career Change

Evaluate Emotional Programming

There are significant life events that condition our responses and the way we make decisions.
These might contain negative elements, which cloud our mind.


Talent competition is globalized today hence we need to differentiate ourselves to remain relevant. Most often this may involve making ourselves a niche market player with a winning mindset rather than necessarily changing direction of the career we are in. Achieving this goal requires strategic thinking, being a catalyst for change and taking a long-term view.

Whatever your decision, a change should be managed with mindful deliberation. Transit or Transform!

Sylvia Fernandes is the Founder & CEO of VIA Frontiers established in Sydney in 2002 and is currently based in Singapore. She is a corporate NLP trainer and consults in creating effective people in the Asia Pacific Region.

She is also the author of Bye Bye Black Cat – Turn Your Luck Around And Realise Opportunities available on all major platforms at only $9.90. Go to or email us at [email protected] to connect with us.