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Sep, 2016

Starting Young

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Do you think that changing mindsets is difficult? I meet people in the course of my coaching life who are still driven by their 5 year-old self. So much happens when we are young and installed only to be stuck like glue inside us. Most people don’t pay attention to this and in fact allow the same patterns to drive them through their entire life.

This leads me to think that the process of behavioral and skills training, as well as values and ethics inculcation should in fact begin as early as possible. We all know that kids learn fastest between the age of 4 to 17 years old. They model behaviours, develop values and create their own standards of expectations.

Rather than having to “un-train” undesirable and negative behavior at a later stage, would it not be more productive to commence with this learning journey through teachers and the schooling system?

Kidszania has it right! It is a splendid entertainment cum learning experience for kids at school age where children are given opportunities to join a profession, earn a living, manage their own businesses, spend their own currency and be responsible for their own credit cards. All in Kidzo of course – the currency used in Kidszania.

I say we start focusing on working with our new generations. Start them young. But alas there is a bigger problem. It is in our teachers.

Every teacher needs to understand and experience healing their younger self first before they can work with children. Neuro Linguistic Programming which helps people work with their unconscious mind to eradicate past programming, should be part of the foundation for teachers.

Imagine creating a generation of kids who are well equipped with skills to lead the learning process? The world could possibly experience a whole lot more effectiveness and efficiency. Businesses would probably experience a higher level of performance excellence and achievement breakthroughs. This would definitely define our future in a different light.

For now some things we can already begin to do with our children to create them as leaders:

If You Want The Truth Ask A Child, Changing Mindsets

  1. Ask for their opinion

    This installs critical thinking skills and the ability to express their thoughts. It makes them confident communicators in the long run, which leads to better relationships in business and family.

Children Love Reading, Changing Mindsets

  1. Encourage reading

    The knowledge gained helps to give children context of how their life fits into the big picture of life. This allows for compromise and a higher level of understanding especially in times of potential conflict.

With Kids Praise Effort Rather Than Ability, Changing Mindsets

  1. Reward positive behavior

    This basic theory in performance management certainly lends credence to every behavior we do or think of doing. Reinforcing behaviors leads to repetition, which then leads to positive habits.

Encourage Use Of A Vision Board, Changing Mindsets

  1. Use vision boards

    The language of our unconscious mind is the five senses hence anything you see, hear, feel, taste and smell produces a full sensory-based experience. Encouraging the use of pictures and color promote strong goal setting that helps in achieving results.

Kids are our future. Let’s build successful people for the future!

Sylvia Fernandes is the Founder & CEO of VIA Frontiers established in Sydney in 2002 and is currently based in Singapore. She is a corporate NLP trainer and consults in creating effective people in the Asia Pacific Region.

She is also the author of Bye Bye Black Cat – Turn Your Luck Around And Realise Opportunities available on all major platforms at only $9.90. Go to or email us at [email protected] to connect with us.