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Prior to meeting Sylvia I had read a few self-development books and participated in other types of workshops, however I had not gained any long-term, sustainable success.  I work in the corporate environment and was looking not only for ways to improve my efficiency at work and career but to have a more balanced and fulfilling life. I was open to change, and was excited about the possibilities these new technologies that Sylvia uses could achieve.  At the same time I was quite nervous because I really wanted it to work and have a positive result that would improve my life forever. Sylvia tailors and personalises her sessions specific to your needs and circumstances, which means you are able to really focus on what is important to you and what you really want. Sylvia helped me overcome obstacles I had created in my life, which were a result of my own negative beliefs and what others had me believe.  I was so hard on myself and placed more value on the things I didn't have, rather than the good things I did have. Now I have a greater understanding of how I relate to people, issues and different situations and to improve these areas to make the most out of my life, including my career, relationships and health. The thing that really impressed me was that during our coaching  programme Sylvia made herself available for questions and always responded to my queries between sessions in a timely and professional manner. My coaching sessions were a wonderful experience for me.  Sylvia is a very warm and encouraging person and challenges you to not only determine what your values really are but to understand why they are important, and make the changes and take action to achieve your goals and dreams.  She makes you accountable for your actions and thoughts, which is something that I could only get from this one-on-one method of coaching and self-improvement. As a result of our coaching sessions I am able to focus on what is important to me and what my anchors are, allowing me to move closer to all of the things I want in life. I would like to express my gratitude to Sylvia as she has not only led me to what I needed to do, but given me the tools to continue doing my work on my own and helping other people too.

Karen Eley,
Associate Advisor, Guest McLeod Financial Planning, Sydney

Life was always a little discouraging and my personal self-image was never where it should have been. During the last 4 visits to Sylvia, my life has made a huge 'u' turn for the absolute best, bringing with it, confidence, love and respect along the way. I'm only half way through my journey with Sylvia and I can't think of a better person to be beside me. Thank you Sylvia.

Angie Ross,
Director & CEO, Spellbound Creative Graphic Design, Sydney

Ever since starting sessions with Sylvia, I feel that there is distinct change within myself.  My structure of thinking is shifting for the better and I am pursuing more now, whereas I was more of a procrastinator before. I find myself confronting more of my issues in life and I have started setting goals and the difference is, I now stick to them. My goals are on my mind with me all the time. I am not forgetting like I did before. This work is like nothing I have ever done before. It works with the unconscious mind, which is where each individual’s power is stored. The unconscious mind has so much depth and clarity and most of all,  it is not distorted on a conscious level by other thoughts coming into my mind. When in this state, I can see clearly and crisply.

Lee Nordsvan,
Sales Consultant, De Gabrielle Kitchens, Sydney

Stuttering for almost 40years of my life has been quite difficult and demanding. It has taken me through some happy and sad situations, and I have met some inspirational people along the way with so much to share and learn from. I would say, I have been on a quest to heal my stutter and try to communicate on a fluent level. After experiencing speech therapy treatments, which were helpful to a certain degree, I did always feel that there must be more to treat this disorder than what meets the eye. So in 1995 I felt this urge with some push from a friend to sieve through and experience other alternative treatments for my stutter. And let me tell you this is where the fun starts. After experiencing self development seminars which includes walking on red hot coals bare foot, treatments with hypnosis, kinesiology, healing practices, channelling, Reiki, yoga, tai chi, creative visualisation, Bach flowers, naturopathy, osteopathy not to mention seeking treatments through counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts etc. Finally I had a breakthrough. Having been through a seminar on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programmeming) and Time Line Therapy, I had a rough sketch of what this therapy is about, until I met Sylvia Fernandes. Sylvia has given me an amazing insight into how powerful NLP and Time Line Therapy treatments and techniques can be on the human consciousness. She has a truly professional approach to building rapport with the client and she then focuses on what best suits the individuals’ needs to tackle the problem. Working with Sylvia has guided me to tap into, what I feel and truly believe is “Absolute Magic” and the underestimated and misunderstood spiritual state of the mind. We as humans are born with a mind, body and spirit. We all have the ability to tap into the spirit but either fear or ignore it for some unknown reason. I truly cannot put into simple words what I experienced with Sylvia’s treatments, but as a creative person I can only draw or paint the visions I had and to share with the listener the impact that I had with these exercises. These techniques are focussed on tackling my issues in a constructive fashion and understanding what is the block that I am having with my way of seeing the world and it’s complexities. When I had these experiences I was thrilled to share them with Sylvia as I felt the urge to just give her my heart -felt thanks for her assistance and guidance. I have only had four treatments with Sylvia and I already have had major breakthroughs. My part is to now practice what Sylvia has taught me because I want to de-programmeme the way I perceive the world. I would like to transform myself into the person I want to be and share my thoughts and work with my fellow human beings.   I hope Sylvia can touch and transform other people and help unravel the mysteries that keep us from doing what we were meant to do on this planet.

John Tooma,
Graphic Designer, Sydney