Creating Effective People

Corporate Training

Coaching for Corporates

This program is designed to shift the mindsets of leaders to garner the best out of their teams. Leaders will develop competencies of integrity, confidence and light heartedness, with an all-encompassing approach towards enhanced corporate performance.

Winning over Millennials

This program was designed to help clients understand and work with Millennials as they will represent nearly 75% of the workforce by 2030. With the influx of Millennials, new perceptions of corporate life and employer - employee relations will change. Companies that want to adapt to this will benefit immensely from this program.

Selling and Negotiating

This program is intended to teach salespeople a new way of operating. After the program, participants will feel a renewed vigor as they eradicate old beliefs that have limited their sales performance. This is a highly impactful program that takes the entire team to higher sales.

Leadership for Performance

This program is designed to provide new managers with strong leadership competencies. Some of these include commitment, integrity, reliability and a focused approach to achieving enhanced corporate performance.

Communicating for Teams

This program was designed to help our clients address any internal conflict in the company. Through teaching communication processes, we seek to resolve differences across all levels of a company. This is intended to diffuse politics and conflicts by making communication channels less personal.

Customer Service Excellence

Repeat business is the hallmark of a steady customer that values your product greatly. As they require minimal marketing effort to retain and have found to be 5-10% cheaper than finding a new customer, it is worth the focus.