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Jun, 2016

How Are You?

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In Australia we greet people “good day” but is it really a good day? We all have good days and bad days. The question is how do we let go of the bad days to make them good.

My Mum was an ultimate optimist and to some extent I have been tagged with the same profile. She would bounce around in the most negative situations saying “it’ll pass” and cheerfully go on her merry way through the day. Most often it was a good day for her even though her circumstances were not entirely rosy.

Over the years as I began to train myself in learning formal tools to have more good days than bad, I realized that it is a question of Mind over Matter. I say “if you can conceive it you can achieve it”

Now that I understand the structure of how the mind works I delve deeper into dedicating my life to build successful people.

Tips on how you could have more good days

1. Take Control of the Situation

Ask yourself how you can change things around to gain control of the situation.
It is only then that you will be able to make decisions that will assist you in achieving results.
Be at cause rather than effect.

Take Control, Good Days

2. Focus On What You Want

Often people are aware of what they don’t want rather than what they want.
This little difference makes enormous impact in the mind as your unconscious mind is unable to process negatives.
You get what you focus on.

Focus, Good Days

3. Hold Your Positive Emotional States

Become a master at holding on to your positive emotional states.
This will allow you to fast track success and understand the winning mindsets of successful people.

Emotional States, Good Days

4. Be An Adventurer

Life is a gift and to be able to live each day to the fullest is a privilege that is given to us.
Take on challenges as if you are white water rafting down the rapids.
Enjoy the fresh water and burst of sunshine in the new experience.
People who are alive generate higher productivity.

Adventurer, Good Days

To your good days! 

Sylvia Fernandes is the Founder & CEO of VIA Frontiers established in Sydney in 2002 and is currently based in Singapore. She is a corporate NLP trainer and consults in creating effective people in the Asia Pacific Region.


She is also the author of Bye Bye Black Cat – Turn Your Luck Around And Realise Opportunities available here. Go to or email us at [email protected] to connect with us.