Creating Effective People

NLP Practitioner Certification

Your Toolkit to Achieving Outstanding Success
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly efficient and easily applied model to understand and influence human behaviour. Used in the workplace, NLP can help create profound and lasting behavioural change in individuals and organisations. This course will equip you with outstanding communication and negotiation skills, and a communication toolkit that will serve you for life. You will gain the skills, abilities and knowledge to achieve outstanding success in business and reach heights you never thought possible. Our previous programme participants said they gained amazing clarity in their personal and business objectives; sales delegates surpassed their targets; and managers reported great changes in previously confrontational situations.

Who Should Attend?
Business Executives, Professional Athletes, Counsellors, Sales Personnel, Consultants, Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches.

  • Module 1: 28th September to 2nd October 2017
  • Module 2: 26th October to 30th October 2017

What You Will Achieve

The NLP Practitoner Programme will help you as an individual to:

  • develop strategies for peak performance and creativity
  • reignite passion and meaning in work and life
  • sharpen intuition to learn the art of flow
  • operate from trust to eradicate control and achieve greater success
  • discover rapid rapport skills to strengthen relationships
  • find your purpose and live life with meaning
  • address negative behaviours like procrastination

The NLP Practitoner Programme will help your organisation to:

  • establish and communicate with a common language
  • install trust and harmony in teams
  • create a culture of accountability
  • stay out of content and work with context
  • utilise change models for influential leadership

Take only 1 and a half days off per module! Go to work in the morning, clear your desk and join us from 12 noon – 7pm. Both modules straddle a weekend to help you attend this programme.

Programme Material
Upon registration, we provide you with the following pre-study materials:

• Audio
“The NLP & Leadership Practitioner Certification Training Series”

• Comprehensive Workbook
Practitioner Certification Program Theory and Exercises

• Free Coaching Session
Receive a coaching session after the program

Each participant is required to complete 100 hours of pre-reading and study prior to attending the NLP Practitioner Certification Programme. It is recommended that you register a few months before the program.

This is an accelerated programme with specific applications to the corporate industry. Some modules from Master Practitioner are included as they have a strong relevance to the workings of an organisation.

VIA Frontiers “Licensed Practitioner of NLP”  programme is recognised internationally by the Society of NLP. All certificates will be signed by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP. A certificate fee of US$200 applies over and above the program fee.

Program Location

This program is available In-House. Call us for more information on +65 6678 6878.