Creating Effective People


Aug, 2015

Are You In Bed With The New Generation?

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My father worked for one company all his life. It didn’t even occur to him that a better job may have been available next door. His mindset was dictated by loyalty and the need for security. He belonged to the generation of Veterans. Recognition Today new people joining the workforce are driven by very different variables. Their ability to bounce ideas off the boss and be recognized for them tend to rank high in their priority list. They long for a flat structure where senior people are accessible to them […]



Jul, 2014

On The Other Side of Control

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“Everything in moderation” my father used to say. “Eat, drink and be happy but all in the right amount, time and place” his voice resounded. I lost my Dad when I was 34 years old. His voice still rings true in my head. Today I understand what he really meant. While control maybe fiercely guarded by our desire to succeed and to reach perfect outcomes, we do not realize that we have something else on the other side of the dichotomy that we are giving up. To me everything is […]



Jul, 2014

Asleep or Conscious?

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  My mobile buzzed on silent mode at 11.30pm on the 17th July. I had already tucked in for the night. Curiosity got the better of me. I reached out to have a peek at the message. My friend a trader who obviously watches the markets like a hawk, said “Malaysian Airlines plane shot down. Tune in to BBC immediately” Shock horror! What had the world come to? So many people killed for no reason. Innocent lives taken by mistake. In subsequent days we read of how bodies fell out […]



Jul, 2014

Are You A Purpose-Driven Leader?

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  If you can’t say “Yes” to this question with whole-hearted congruence there is still a way to go. Alignment with the mind, body, spirit is often under-rated when leaders assess themselves but this simple as it is, still remains the most important trait that every leader needs to have. Over the years of developing people in companies I have had many senior leaders attend my programs. I ask them why they have come. They say “we have done everything in our lives and wonder what’s next?” These are people […]