Creating Effective People


Jul, 2016

Get On With It!

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Todays Millennials understand the value of collaboration and sharing a piece of the pie with each other. BREXIT has pushed us into a conundrum to fathom the question of leadership and who is really capable of doing the job? Looking around the globe we see so many countries in distress crying out for leaders who will do the right thing by its citizens. The old way of thinking is obviously not working. We need to change and learn from the past. The days of greed and ME ME ME are […]



Nov, 2014

Is Spiritual Leadership The Way To Go?

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The world’s super power leader was at it again last week, winning fans with his charm and wit during a speech at the University of Queensland during the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane. Despite detractors who say he is all talk and no action back home, everyone was of the opinion that Barack Obama is a true statesman and superb orator. Unfortunately for Australia’s Prime Minister, the comments were not so generous when it came to him. It reminded me of the leaders of the past who had winning mindsets, […]



Sep, 2014

Modeling not on the Catwalk

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We were having friends over for dinner again. The lovely aroma of food and sound of the wok clanging was like a cacophony of sounds I was used to. Mum was the ultimate entertainer. She loved to cook and did it effortlessly. It was very usual for our family to have friends and family over for meals. As a child I looked forward to hearing that my favourite cousins were invited for a sleepover. It was our little reward that Dad afforded us. The deal was that we had to […]