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Dec, 2014

Is Your Team On A One Way Street?

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Today I have decided to address one of the most important presuppositions in NLP; “The meaning of communication is the response you get.” What does this really mean? It indicates that the meaning of a piece of communication is not in what you say but rather in what the recipient of your message has understood by it. So if you say something to your colleague, boss, friend, spouse or children and they take it to mean something else, the onus is on you, not them, to clarify it. Communication is […]



Sep, 2014

Ecology Is Not Just About Biology

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The ecology aspect is often overlooked in the pursuit of goals or achievements. Unless people have a heightened state of awareness they are generally oblivious to questions such as what happens after they achieve their goal; how does it affect them, their family, financial situation, health and overall future. They fail to ask if the desired change is in line with their values or even the most basic question of all – “Is this what I really want?” Sometimes once the goal is achieved, people realise that it is not […]