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Feb, 2016

Multiculturalism in the Workplace

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When people ask me “where are you from?” I seriously don’t know how to answer them. To be accurate in my reply I need to traverse four continents and claim my genetic heritage from Goa, my birth country as Malaysia, the country I migrated to as Australia and the country I live in presently as Singapore. I met many people like me at the recent conference organised by the Singapore Management University (SMU). They too had lived in many countries and true to their identity were working on aspects of […]



Aug, 2015

Are You In Bed With The New Generation?

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My father worked for one company all his life. It didn’t even occur to him that a better job may have been available next door. His mindset was dictated by loyalty and the need for security. He belonged to the generation of Veterans. Recognition Today new people joining the workforce are driven by very different variables. Their ability to bounce ideas off the boss and be recognized for them tend to rank high in their priority list. They long for a flat structure where senior people are accessible to them […]



Dec, 2014

Feast Your Senses This Christmas

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As Christmas rolls around, the city of Singapore has turned into a kaleidoscope of colour, sounds of carols and feelings of relaxation. There is a palpable excitement in the air. It is a time for giving and receiving, not to mention eating, drinking and partying. What better time to try a sensory-based experiment than now when there’s a wealth of things to feast our senses on? Most of us have the same routine day in and day out. The weekend may bring us some respite from work and the office. […]



Nov, 2014

Are Your Thoughts Doing You Any Favors?

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It was Norman Vincent Peale who said “Change your thoughts and you change your world” There’s no shortage of advice on how to change your thoughts, mind-set, perception or even the way your brain is wired; on the internet, in books, seminars, courses and workshops. This is all fine and good. But whether they work or not hinges on the fact that change must come from within and anything otherwise is considered coercion. Our thoughts are the result of a constant ebb and flow between the conscious and unconscious mind. […]