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Jul, 2016

Get On With It!

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Todays Millennials understand the value of collaboration and sharing a piece of the pie with each other. BREXIT has pushed us into a conundrum to fathom the question of leadership and who is really capable of doing the job? Looking around the globe we see so many countries in distress crying out for leaders who will do the right thing by its citizens. The old way of thinking is obviously not working. We need to change and learn from the past.

The days of greed and ME ME ME are gone. It is time to create a new realm of existence. What are some things we could do as decision makers in organisations? Every small step at our level helps the bigger outcome.

Our only hope is that we nurture Millennials and be guided to some extent by their dreams and hopes. Some say to me there is no reason to live as the system is rotten from the inside out. However smart we are, we are not going to stand a fair chance of making it in the world.

This is the time to take heed of the way we have been approaching Millennials based on their cries:

  1. We are treated with so little respect because we are young! In my mind this generation of newcomers to the workforce maybe young but they also think differently. A highly intelligent strata of our society they are critical thinkers and extremely in touch with themselves.
  2. It is so hard to get to our bosses and be heard. They are highly self expressed and say it the way they see it. While the truth maybe hard to accept when thrown in our face, it maybe worth considering. Create flat structures in organisations so their views are heard.
  3. We are lazy and don’t do our work well. Most Millennials process life differently to their bosses so give them positive reinforcement. This connects them to their passion and you’ll have team work in the workplace. If they rise to the challenge, fast track success would spur them even more.

Today more than any other time we need to turn around and walk the other way. Turn your luck around and realise opportunities. I say “Brexit – let’s get on with it”