Creating Effective People


Fast Track Your Success as a Leader!

Executive Coaching, being a one-on-one interaction between Coach and Client, continues to be the fastest growing industry in the world. Most executives in the western world have a coach to assist them in reinforcing behaviours that lead to higher productivity.

The concept of coaching began in the sporting arena where sports men and women had at least one coach. In recent times company executives have seen the benefit of this and have begun emulating the sporting industry in achieving results at a higher level.

Executive coaching is designed to assist senior leaders in changing mindsets towards unleashing full potential. Current trends in corporate coaching show that success is attained even more where the relationship between coach and client continues over an extended period of time, usually a year.


As far as possible, sponsors of an Executive Coaching Program are encouraged to create a “sanctuary” or special place in the premises of the company. This minimises interruption for all parties concerned.

Our coaches are NLP certified and have the capabilities to facilitate clients through transformational change to a winning mindset. We want to assure you that we are experts at what we do and you are in very good hands.

Our greatest value is to build successful people, making a difference to someone else’s life.

Needs Analysis

The frequency and duration of an Executive Coaching program will vary based on the needs of each client. We decipher what is required, when we spend time with decision makers doing a Needs Analysis. Programs can run from one month to a year depending on the extent of change required.

What You Will Achieve

This Executive Coaching program will help you:

  • utilise your intuition for sharper decisions and enhanced
  • understand yourself at the identity level for greater
    personal growth
  • become a flexible leader for improved bottom line results
  • resolve difficult situations with ease for greater team harmony
  • speak confidently in public for achieving results you desire

Who Should Attend

The VIA Frontiers Executive Coaching program is an enjoyable and interesting discovery that takes you beyond mediocrity. Previous participants have typically been senior leaders.